Madelyn Levitt Distinguished Community Service Award

In 1996, Madelyn Levitt, a member of the University's Board of Trustees, established a special award to recognize outstanding contributions of Drake faculty and staff to the Drake community. Recipients are chosen on the following criteria:

  • demonstrated personal commitment to volunteerism and community service
  • an outstanding record of leadership or substantial involvement in community projects, services and activities contributing to the quality of life in our region, state, and/or the nation
  • professional and personal values and behavior that typify the ideals of "giving back to others" and "making a difference in the lives of others"

The nominee must be a current faculty or staff member with at least five years of service at Drake.

Madelyn Levitt Community Service Award Recipients

The following individuals have been recognized as recipients of the Madelyn Levitt Award Distinguished Community Service. Names link to biographies of the recipients.

1995 R. Dean Wright
Professor of Sociology
1996 Herbert Strentz
Professor of Journalism
1997 Neil Hamilton
Professor of Law
1998 Russell Lovell
Professor of Law
1999 Aimee Beckmann-Collier
Associate Professor of conducting and Director of Choral Activities
2000 Larry Molenburg
Drake University Real Estate Manager
2001 Dolph Pulliam
Promotion and Marketing Director for Athletics
2002 Doug Hillman
Aliber Distinguished Professor of Accounting
2003 Marie Fisher
Administrative Assistant in Chemistry and Physics
2004 Donald Adams
Special Counsel for Institutional Advancement
2005 June Johnson
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Director of Faculty and Site Development
2006 Melissa Weresh
Professor of Law
2007 Dee Wright
Counseling Center Director
2008 Diana Reed
Associate Professor of Management and International Business
2009 Deneen Dygert
Associate Director, Admissions
2010 David McCord
Professor of Law
2011 Anisa Fornoff
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
2012 Carole Tillotson
Associate Director, Career Development
2014 Maria Valdovinos
Associate Professor of Psychology
2015 Matt Bruinekool
Assistant Professor of Counseling Education
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