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What Are My Rights as a Student with a Disability?
Student Rights

What Are My Responsibilities as a Student with a Disability?
Student Responsibilities

What are the guidelines for documenting various disabilities?
Documentation Guidelines

Are there scholarships available for students with disabilities?
Joseph H. Morris Scholarship

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Student Rights

  1. To full and equal access to the same educational experience as students without disabilities.
  2. To accommodation requests reviewed and authorized quickly and fairly by instructors.
  3. To disability documentation held confidential and released to designated individuals only with the student's written request or permission.

Student Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a student with a disability?

  1. To self identify their disability and provide professional documentation of the disability.
  2. To consult with a counselor at the SDS to discuss appropriate accommodations.
  3. To consult with instructors at the beginning of each semester to discuss accommodation needs and secure signatures on accommodation request forms.
  4. To provide timely notification of special needs and changes in accommodation needs/services.
  5. To adequately meet requirements of chosen program/course of study.
  6. To arrange exam accommodations with faculty well in advance of exam dates.
  7. To follow established University/SDS procedures for requesting accommodations such as alternative format, interpreters, etc.
  8. To notify the SDS and/or course instructor if requested accommodations are not being provided or are not effective.
  9. To abide by the University code of conduct regarding matters such as academic honesty and disruptive behaviors.

Documentation Guidelines

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