Faculty and Staff

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Faculty Guide

What Student Disability Services has to offer faculty and staff

Faculty and Staff Rights

  1. To require that students with disabilities submit a completed Request for Academic Accommodation form, provided by the SDS.
  2. To provide academic accommodations to students with disabilities without requiring a signed SDS Request for Academic Accommodations form.
  3. To require students with disabilities to meet all programs/course requirements and standards.
  4. To consult with the students and/or SDS if he/she feels that requested accommodations are not appropriate for a particular course or situation.
  5. To provide input on how authorized accommodations will be provided in a particular course.
  6. To require that students engage in appropriate, non-distruptive behavior in the classroom and to take action to remove a student who is disruptive.
  7. To require that students follow University/department policies and procedures.

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

  1. To provide students with disabilities full and equal access to participate in Drake's programs and activities.
  2. To make sure students with disabilities who are requesting accommodations are aware of services available from the SDS.
  3. To cooperate with the qualified student and SDS in providing authorized accommodations in a fair and timely manner.
  4. To provide authorized accommodations as long as the accommodation does not alter the fundamental nature of the course or program.
  5. To contact the student or SDS with questions or problems regarding requested accommodations.
  6. To be informed of the academic and programmatic standards established by the department and to make these available in written and alternative format.
  7. To provide department and course materials in alternate format (large print, cassette tape, computer disc, Braille) when requested.

* In accordance with the ADA, faculty do not have the right to question whether a disability exists or examine a student's disability documentation when the disability has been adequately documented and is on file with SDS. The signature of SDS personnel on the accommodation request form will act as assurance that the student has provided adequate documentation of the disability and requested accommodations.

Procedures for Instructors Regarding Academic Requests

At times you will be asked to provide or arrange for academic accommodations for a student in your class who has a documented disability and is registered with the Office of Student Disability Services. The accommodation request(s) listed on the Student Academic Accommodation Request form has (have) been determined to be appropriate in a meeting between the student and his/her Student Disability Services Counselor. The procedure for processing these requests is as follows:

  1. Review the form with the student and discuss the specifics of each accommodation request. Be sure to ask any questions and express any concerns at that time so as to ensure mutual understanding and to establish a good working relationship.
  2. If you agree to provide or arrange for the accommodations as requested, sign the form and…
    1. Retain the pink copy for your records.
    2. Give the yellow and white copies to the student.
    3. Campus-mail the white copy to the Office of Student Disability Services, 3116 Carpenter.
  3. If you have questions or concerns that the student is unable to answer, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Disability Services for consultation or clarification. In order to expedite the process and avoid delay in the provision of reasonable accommodations to the student, this contact must be made within 48 hours of the initial meeting with the student.
  4. If you are concerned that any of the requests may alter your course requirements or otherwise compromise the integrity of your course, you may discuss alternative solutions with the student. If you are unable to come to an agreement, contact the Office of Student Disability Services to discuss adequate solutions for the situation. If an agreement cannot be reached, findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the Provost's office for a final decision and recommendation for action.

As you know, the University is legally required to provide reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities, and the accommodations must be made on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your assistance in this process.

Recruiting Supplemental Note Takers

Occasionally, you will be asked to arrange for supplemental notes for a student in your class who has a documented disability and is registered with the Office of Student Disabilities Services. The most efficient way to provide notes is to recruit a supplemental note taker through an in-class announcement. Please follow these guidelines when making these arrangements.

  1. During the first class period, announce to the class that a supplemental note taker is needed for a student with a disability. Due to confidentiality, it is imperative that you do not mention the student's name.
  2. After class, gather the names and telephone numbers of volunteers and give the information to the student with a disability. The student with a disability is then responsible for contacting the volunteer to arrange for an exchange of notes. (If there are no volunteers, please contact the Office of Student Disability Services for assistance.)
  3. If any problems arise, direct the student or volunteer to contact the Office of Student Disability Services at 271-1835.

Examples of Possible Announcements

"There is a student in this class who is in need of supplemental notes. If you are interested in volunteering, please see me at the front (back) of the room directly after class. Special carbonless paper is available to you if you are interested. Thank you for your assistance."

If no one volunteers:

"During the last class period I announced that we are in need of a volunteer note taker. Once again, I ask that you see me after class if you are interested in volunteering. Thank you again."


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