Geography Minor

PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Minor in Geography is the holistic study of Earth’s surface, including human and physical geographic attributes that characterize space and place. Besides studying the features, factor, processes and relationships between these elements and how they change through space and time, geography also probes into the study of relationships between natural environments and the societies located in, on, and around them. In a globalizing world, when population growth puts increased stress on environments, when economics are becoming more global, when geopolitics are more international, and when cultures more intermingles, an understanding of geography is especially important.

REQUIREMENTS FOR MINOR A minor in Geography may be combined with an academic major in another discipline. The Geography minor at Drake emphasizes cultural geography and draws on courses from the Environmental Science and Policy Program. A minimum of 19 credit hours is required for the geography minor. Students must complete a 13-credit-hour core of introductory courses: ENV 21 – Environmental Science and Policy, GEOG 2 and 3, and the introductory techniques course, ENSP 65. In addition, students must complete at lest two upper-division courses in geography.


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