Drop Policy

Payment in full or enrollment in a payment plan by the first day of classes is required. 

  • Ten days after the term begins (i.e., at the end of the drop/add period), all past due accounts will be reviewed. 
  • Any student with an outstanding account balance of $500 or higher will receive a collection letter stating the need to pay the outstanding balance in full within 10 days or be dropped from enrollment.
  • (If the past due is created by pending financial aid, no action will be taken until pending status is resolved.) 
  • At the end of the 10 day grace period stated in the letter, Student Accounts will again review all accounts. 
  • After another 10 days, students with past due balances of $500 or more (and not on a current payment plan) will be dropped from all courses, from campus housing, and from food services.  The notice of drop will be issued by the Office of Student Records. 
  • Once the student is dropped during the term, re-enrollment during that term is prohibited.  A drop for non-payment is considered final and irrevocable for that term. 
  •  In addition to the Offices of the Registrar and Student Accounts, notices of dropped enrollments will also be sent to the following offices:
    • The Office of the Student Records
    • The Provost
    • The Dean of Students
    • The Office of Student and Financial Planning
    • The Housing Office
    • Cowles Library
    • Sodexho Dining Services
    • Each college/school dean

Dropping of Classes 

Summer Sessions:

Summer Tuition and Fee Charges:

There will be no reduction in tuition and fee charges for any summer course unless the course is dropped prior to 4:30 p.m. of the first working day following the first class day of the course.  For example, if the first day of the course is Monday, May 15th and the course is not dropped by 4:30 p. m. on Tuesday, May 16th, there will be a charge of 100% of the tuition and fees for the course.

Fall & Spring Semesters:

The official drop/add period is the first two weeks of the fall and spring terms.  Under the policy, students who remain enrolled may change from full-time to part-time status or reduce their part-time credit hour enrollment during these two weeks without penalty. 

The Office of Student Financial Planning will review and potentially recalculate the eligibility, this  will be necessary for students with reduced credit hour enrollment during this period. 

After the first two weeks of the enrollment period, a change from full-time to part-time status or a reduction in credit hour enrollment (other than a complete withdrawal from classes) will not change tuition charges.  For example, if a student is enrolled for nine credits and the end of the first two weeks of the term and during the forth week of the term drops a three credit class, there will be no refund of tuition for this change in enrollment. 

Drop for Non-Payment Policy

Timely payment is not only University policy, but also an issue of fairness to your fellow students. It is in your best interests to do so not only to avoid being dropped from classes, but also to help keep tuition costs under control. When the University experiences bad debt due to non-paying students, all students suffer the consequences.

As a reminder: All student charges (tuition, fees, housing, and food services) are due in full by the first day of classes. If you need to make alternative arrangements, please call the Office of Student Accounts and Student Financial Planning. They are always available to assist students with special financial concerns.

Any student whose account is not paid in full by the end of the drop/add period for each semester, or whose payment plan amount is past due, will be notified in writing by the Office of Student Accounts.

The student will then have an additional 10 days to bring your payments up to date or to arrange for a payment plan.

If the account is still past due after the student receives the additional 10 day notice, the Office of Student Accounts will notify the Office of the Registrar to drop the student form enrollment for the current term. Students will receive a drop from the Registrar office at that time.

All pending, pre-approved financial aid will be taken into consideration before the student is dropped.

Students who are dropped as a result of past due account will not be allowed to re-enroll or to live in University housing until the following academic term.

Please know that Drake is committed to working with you if payment problems arise. But, like many other major expenses in life, the cost of your education is an investment that will pay you dividends throughout your lifetime. To protect that investment, and to do your part to keep future tuition increase to a minimum please make sure to make your payment on time. Thank you.

Withdrawal Policy


Tuition and fees are not transferable, but the student's account will be credited when a withdrawal has been processed. Withdrawals must be initiated by the student at their College or School Dean's Office (or for students not seeking a Drake degree, the Student Records and Academic Information Office).  Withdrawals made prior to the beginning of classes will receive a 100 percent tuition credit.  Withdrawals after the class has begun will receive tuition credit per the appropriate withdrawal schedule.  The adjustments for room and board charges will be made to the student's account once the adjusted amounts are received from Residence Life and Sodexho.

Complete Withdrawal from Drake University

Refund Schedule for Complete Withdrawal
Withdrawal credit will be computed on a percentage basis.  Contact the Student Accounts office at 271-2151 or view their web site for further information.

Check the General catalog for Fall or Spring courses or the Summer catalog for summer courses for withdrawal tuition credit information or contact the Student Accounts office at 271-2151. Withdrawal credit will be computed on a percentage basis.

A student living in a University residence hall who withdraws from the University is entitled to a pro rata refund of room and board beginning Monday of the week following the date of completion of the Statement of Leaving, prepared by the Residence Life staff.

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