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Contact Admission

Office of Admission
2507 University Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

Office Hours: Monday - Friday,
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fax: 515-271-2831

Location: Cole Hall







Campus Visits:


Contact Your Counselor

Drake's admission counselors are available to help you explore the opportunities at Drake University. To contact your admission counselor, find your state below and click on the name next to it. Some states have several counselors, so please select the one that matches your high school zip code. International, transfer, and graduate students, please use the table below.



Why do I contact my counselor?
  • Request more information
  • Discuss specifics about Drake
  • Schedule a visit
  • Check the status of your application
  • Learn the next steps in the process
  • Just say hi
If you are a(an) ...Counselor
International first-year & transfer student undergraduate Carrie Lewis
Transfer student undergraduate Jo Arbuckle
  Rachelle Setsodi
Graduate student Aaron Cloud
First-year undergraduate living in ...Counselor
Alabama Nate Bleadorn
Alaska Maggie Coleman
Arizona Evan Favreau
Arkansas Justin Haas 
California Evan Favreau 
Colorado Anne Kremer
Connecticut Adriana Slaughter
Delaware Adriana Slaughter  
Florida Nate Bleadorn
Georgia Nate Bleadorn
Guam Nate Bleadorn
Hawaii Evan Favreau  
Idaho Maggie Coleman 
     60000-60099, 60200-60399, 60700-60799 Josefina Lopez Valdivia
     North Shore Lilianna Bernstein
     60100-60199, 60500-60599, 61000-61299 Natalie Larson
     60400-60499, 60600-60699, 60800-60999, 61300-61999 Adriana Slaughter 
     62000-62999 Nate Bleadorn
Indiana Adriana Slaughter 
     50000-50399 Ali Harms
     50400-50499, 50600-50799, 52200-52599 Lauren Bannon
     50500-50599, 50800-50899, 51000-51699 Anne Kremer
     52000-52199 Justin Haas
     52600-52899 Natalie Larson 
Kansas Evan Favreau  
Kentucky Nate Bleadorn 
Louisiana Nate Bleadorn
Maine Adriana Slaughter  
Maryland Adriana Slaughter  
Massachusetts Adriana Slaughter  
Michigan Justin Haas 
     55300-55499, 56000-56799 Maggie Coleman 
     55000-55199, 55600-55999 Lauren Bannon 
Mississippi Nate Bleadorn
     63000-63999, 65000-65299, 65400-65599 Nate Bleadorn
     64000-64899, 65300-65399, 65600-65899 Evan Favreau  
Montana Maggie Coleman 
Nebraska Anne Kremer
Nevada Evan Favreau  
New Hampshire Adriana Slaughter  
New Jersey Adriana Slaughter  
New Mexico Evan Favreau   
New York Adriana Slaughter  
North Carolina Nate Bleadorn
North Dakota Maggie Coleman 
Ohio Justin Haas 
Oklahoma Ali Harms 
Oregon Maggie Coleman 
Pennsylvania Justin Haas 
Puerto Rico Nate Bleadorn
Rhode Island Adriana Slaughter 
South Carolina Nate Bleadorn
South Dakota Anne Kremer
Tennessee Nate Bleadorn
Texas Ali Harms
Utah Evan Favreau
Vermont Adriana Slaughter
Virgin Islands Nate Bleadorn
Virginia Adriana Slaughter
Washington Maggie Coleman
Washington D.C. Adriana Slaughter 
West Virginia Justin Haas
Wisconsin Justin Haas
Wyoming Anne Kremer


Important Admission Dates

Monday-Friday - Schedule an individual visit to tour Drake

Now - Apply for Fall 2018 enrollment

April 21 - Admitted Student "Last Peek" at Drake

May 1, 2018 National Candidates Reply Date to enroll for Fall 2018

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