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Admission Requirements

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Yes, grades are an important consideration when you apply for admission to Drake. But we also know that you are so much more than the scores on your transcript. You are also the sum of your interests, strengths, dreams, and life experiences. We look carefully at all of these factors.

Admission Criteria

Because we review each application for admission individually, there is no single, inflexible set of standards such as GPA, test score, or years of courses. If you have a solid college preparatory curriculum and are active in your school and community, we encourage you to apply to Drake.

As a whole, our students are "doers"—they are actively engaged in organizations, interests, and their own learning, and they are also plugged into what's going on in the greater world. Learn more about the characteristics and academic profile of our current first-year class by visiting our class profile page.

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Apply Now - Fall 2015 Application for Admission

August 1 - Fall 2016 Application for Admission will be available

August 3-7 - Iowa Private College Week

October 12 - Campus Preview Day

November 9 - Campus Preview Day

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