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Justin Mundt

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Justin Mundt


Majors: Marketing / Sales Management

Hometown: West Chicago, Illinois

My experiences as a Drake student include: Interned with the Kane County Cougars baseball organization (Single-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks); Active member of a social fraternity; Offered a walk-on spot on the Drake men's basketball team; Named to the 7 player All-Tournament team in flag football during the Midwest Regional Tournament in Lincoln, NE, where Drake took third place out of 30 teams!

Favorite Drake Memory: My favorite Drake memory is living in the Goodwin-Kirk residence hall my sophomore year with my three best friends. While the countless hours of music playing, NBA 2K tournaments, pulling pranks on each other, and of course studying, were all lots of fun, nothing beats spending quality time with your best friends on a daily basis. I have tons of memories from that year that I'll cherish forever.  

Advice for students during the college searchDon't be afraid to ask questions on tour! Asking questions about campus and/or the ambassador's Drake experience not only allows you to get a feel for who the ambassador is (and what the general Drake student body is like), but it also is what gives value to the tour. Asking for answers beyond the general statistics that are said on every tour is what personalizes your visit and allows you to make sure the visit is tailored to your needs! Two-way communication is what makes a good tour great!

If you go on tour with me, bring your sunglasses because my passion for Drake tends to shine bright!

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