Kerstin Donat


Major: International Relations

Minor: Politics

Concentration: Human Resource Management

Hometown: Egglkofen, Germany 

My experiences as a Drake student include: Internship with the World Food Prize Foundation; Research Assistant for Prof. McCarthy in the Politics Department; Captain of the Rowing Team; Executive Council member of International Student Association (ISA); Academic Affairs Senator for Student Senate 

Favorite Drake Memory: One of my favorite memories here is the first time I really felt at home at Drake. It was pretty early on during the first semester and some girls and I on my floor decided to have a chick-flick marathon. We still didn’t know each other too well, but we all wanted to do something Friday night.  To have a perfect movie night, we ordered the unhealthiest food we could find: a large triple cheese pizza with cheese-stuffed crust. Sharing that greasy pizza and watching some of our favorite movies all night long definitely brought us all closer and, now, two years later as a Junior, I call these girls my best friends here at Drake. 

Advice for students during the college search: When you are visiting Drake, ask students lots of questions and when you ask questions, ask something that you can’t look up online. Yes, I can tell you all the stats and facts about Drake, but what I think really determines what kind of school you want to attend is to hear personal stories and experiences. Ultimately my college experience – and yours – is not dictated by numbers, but by unique moments. 

If you go on tour with me, you’ll see one of my favorite spots on campus: the Reading Room in the library. I think it is one of the prettiest and best study spaces on campus.