Kevin Maisto


Majors: Marketing, Management, Information Systems

Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

My experiences as a Drake student include: Student Senate; Residence Life; Marketing Intern at Des Moines Performing Arts; Political Intern for CNN and CBS 

Favorite Drake MemoryThe Democratic Debate on campus! Being able to intern with CBS during the week leading up to the debate and then being in the audience as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O'Malley discussed their policy initiatives for our nation was an unforgettable experience. In the morning, I spent time with and helped to introduce the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. During the debate, I was seated near two US Senators, was able to shake hands with Bernie Sanders, was sang to by Martin O'Malley, and was addressed by name by Hillary Clinton and took an epic selfie with her!

Advice for students during the college searchAs you listen to the information about Drake, start to imagine yourself living the life of a Drake student. Imagine living in Carpenter Residence Hall, eating in Hubbell, or sitting in your first class in Aliber. Picture joining student organizations, meeting with professors - really getting involved in what your life would be like if you attended Drake. It will allow you to place yourself and realize the incredible opportunities that are present for all students.

If you go on tour with me, expect to see three pictures of me on campus during the tour, as well as an impossible number of my "favorite place on campus" (it's just so hard to decide!).