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Nicholas Bianchina

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Nicholas Bianchina


Major: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Geneva, Illinois

My experiences as a Drake student include: Being involved in a social fraternity; doing research with faculty in the area of tourniquets; supporting myself professionally with other pre-med students in a multitude of organizations; being able to surround myself with all the people who make Drake home 

Favorite Drake Memory: My favorite moment as a Drake student has to be the classes that I get to take. I was able to start taking classes for my major from day one and fall more in love with science. Drake has incredibly faculty that are not only engaging but care about my success!

Advice for students during the college search: My advice is to not only worry about what the classroom experience will be like but also what will my four year experience be like. I never thought the surrounding city would make an impact on my college experience. However, being in Des Moines has been a blessing. I can have access to a safe city that is fun to hangout with friends, has professional opportunities and makes me never want to leave.

If you go on tour with me, you will see why I am obsessed with the Drake residence halls and would move back to my first year hall if they would let me!

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