Shelby Varney


Major: Elementary Education (with endorsements in reading, early childhood unified, and coaching)

Hometown: Decorah, Iowa

My experiences as a Drake student include: I have 4 awesome practicum and tutoring placements in Des Moines and the surrounding suburbs this semester for my major. I also am currently very involved in Kappa Delta Pi, the education honors fraternity on campus. I run cross country and track and field too!

Favorite Drake Memory: I convinced my roommate freshman year that it was a good idea to go swimming at Grey’s Lake after street painting. She thought it was such a great idea, that she invited multiple people painting with us to join. Surprisingly, lakes are still really cold in the middle of April in Iowa! Who knew?! Let’s just say I’m shocked most of them still talk to me… We do have some really cool pictures (and awesome memories!) from the experience though! 

Advice for students during the college search: Talk to as many current students as you can. Everyone on campus has a unique story of how they found Drake and why they fell in love with being a Bulldog. You can learn so much from hearing why a wide variety of people are passionate about everything happening at Drake! 

If you go on tour with me, make sure to ask me about my crazy college search (spoiler: there were more than 10 visits) and why I picked Drake!