DMACC Transfer Resource Initiative (TRI-Drake)

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Ethnicity (optional)
Drake Legacy
Please list the full name of any parent, grandparent or great-grandparent who has earned a degree at Drake. Be sure to include both the current name and the name at any time the degree was earned.
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High/Secondary School
Entire College/University History:
Entire College/University History:
List in chronological order any and all colleges and universities attended during and after high school for any and all terms (including summer), whether or not you were enrolled in a degree program or completed the coursework. Also account for any gaps in your educational background since high school. If you have taken any classes at Drake, include Drake University on the list.
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DMACC Courses and Credits:
Please list all DMACC courses and credit hours currently in progress. Include the DMACC course number with the course title, i.e., ENG 105.
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Native Language
Your interest in the TRI-Drake program:
I certify that the foregoing information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I realize that failure to provide official transcripts, including final transcripts and other required information may result in the cancellation of admission or registration and will preclude the release of a Drake transcript. I understand that all application materials, including all transcripts and other academic credentials, become the property of Drake University and will not be returned.
I also understand that under this agreement I am subject to the Drake University Code of Student Conduct. Any violation of the regulations outlined in the Code while a TRI-Drake participant may result in termination of my status within this program and denial of admission to Drake Uiversity.