Aaron Cloud

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Aaron Cloud

Associate Director, Graduate Admission

Email: aaron.cloud@drake.edu

Phone: 515-271-2107

Educational Background: B.A., Whitworth University; M.S., University of La Verne

Hometown: Albany, Oregon

Three interesting things about Aaron:

  1. My high school is in Oregon, my college is in Washington, and I went to grad school in California.
  2. Coffee is a very important (perhaps too important) part of my life.
  3. I love all sports and a lot of other things!

Why do you love Drake? What is not to love? The chance to do BIG school things in a small school setting (in a vibrant city), and students graduate prepared to be competitive in the work force of their choosing.

What is your favorite thing to do in the Des Moines? Des Moines has everything you could ever want in a city (seriously!). Great places to eat, concerts and shows, art festivals, music festivals, 40,000 people at a Farmer’s Market...and that is just downtown. It is always fun to find a new pocket of great places to eat or neat stores to shop in. I can say that Des Moines is awesome! My favorite things to do in Des Moines are riding my bike around the hundreds of miles of bike trails throughout the city and beyond and catching an Iowa Cub’s baseball game downtown. Most times I combine the two and ride my bike on the trails to the game!

Advice for prospective students: Where you will go to school is a very big decision (of course you already know that) so figure out what is important for a college to offer to you and look into your school choices based on that. You can go to class and hang out with friends anywhere, make sure the other stuff the college offers are the things that are important to you.

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