Ali Schlapkohl

Ali Schlapkohl

  • Title: Admission Counselor
  • Territory: Iowa schools with zip codes beginning with 500-503 and 525; Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Texas, Virgin Islands
  • Educational Background: B.A., Central College
  • Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa


Three interesting things about Ali:

  1. I love to cook but hate to bake
  2. I tried out for American Idol when I was 19
  3. I can’t whistle or wink

Why do you love Drake? The sense of community. It’s such a special place and it just feels like everyone here really gets how lucky they are to be a part of it.

Favorite food to eat in Hubbell Dining Hall: Either the pizza or the stir fry station

What do you like most about Des Moines? It has everything you'd expect a capital city to have, but on a scale that doesn't feel intimidating or overwhelming. I also love the Broadway shows that come here.

Ali's advice for prospective students: Start researching schools early. Visit different types in the beginning, even if you think you know what type you’re looking for, it’s still good to see a variety so you can feel confident when you do make your choice.  Also, take ownership and responsibility of the application process. Your parents won’t be able to do everything for you in college, so it’s good practice to start doing important things on your own before you go!


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