Anthony Ferguson Jr.

Anthony Ferguson Professional Photo

Anthony Ferguson Jr.

Admission Counselor


Phone: (515) 271-4002

Territory: Parts of Chicago and Illinois, including zip codes beginning with 604, 606, 608, 609, 613-619; Indiana, Conneticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington D.C.

Educational Background: B.A., University of Iowa

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland

Three interesting things about Anthony:

  1. I presented a Ted Talk called "The Power of Secrets".
  2. I have a yellow bellied slider turtle named Squirtle...yes after the Pokémon!
  3. I traveled to more than half of all continents in a duration of three years. 

Why do you love Drake? The people here at Drake take the time to invest in all aspects of student's lives. Drake not only stands by you while you're a prospective student, but as you matriculate through the university, and later go on to achieving your wildest dreams. 

What is your favorite thing about Des Moines? Each day there's something different going on in Des Moines. Whether you want to hear live music, spend your afternoons exploring a museum, or trying out some local cuisine, you can always find something to do. 

Advice for prospective students: Be present and ask as many questions as possible, but more importantly enjoy where you are in your journey.

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