Chris Slocombe

Christopher Slocombe

  • Title: Senior Admission Counselor
  • Territory: Missouri schools with zip codes beginning with 640-647, 650-653; Kansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan , New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont
  • Educational Background: B.A., Marquette University
  • Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Three interesting things about Chris:

  1. I am a huge American Civil War history buff
  2. I like station wagons
  3. My wife and I own a few chickens (they live in our backyard -- and no, we don't live on a farm), so we eat the freshest eggs in Des Moines

Why do you love Drake? Because of the people and the city. Everyone at Drake is extremely supportive and kind, and our students are smart, driven individuals that take advantage of the wealth of internships Des Moines has to offer.

Where is your favorite place to be in Des Moines?Beaverdale. Eclectic shops, great neighborhood restaurants, and cute houses.

Favorite food to get in Hubbell Dining Hall? The pizza, by far. It’s the best college pizza I’ve ever had.

Chris' advice for prospective students: Look for a university that will push you in directions you didn’t think you could go, and really think about why you are going to college. I see far too many high school students choosing their school based upon a sports team or because their friends are headed to a particular place.



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