Evan Favreau

Evan Favreau portrait

Evan Favreau

Admission Counselor/Digital Media Specialist

Email: evan.favreau@drake.edu

Phone: 515-271-2034

Territory: Western and Central Missouri schools with zip codes beginning 640-647, 650-653; Kansas

Educational Background: B.A., Drake University

Hometown: Prairie Village, Kansas

Three interesting things about Evan:

  1. I spent an amazing year in China after graduating through Drake’s Teach in China program.
  2. I’m a film geek, so if you ever start a conversation with me about movies be prepared for a long talk.
  3. I really dislike using silverware. I know, it's weird.

Why do you love Drake? Drake is a fun, close community. It’s a small enough group of people that I will frequently run into friends on campus or at nearby restaurants, but big enough that it’s not difficult to meet new people and make new friends. As a student, it did not take long to feel at home here, and when I returned as a graduate that feeling came rushing back.

What is your favorite thing to do in Des Moines? There’s so much to do in Des Moines that it’s hard to have one favorite thing. For me it usually just depends on what I’m looking for… that could be anything from enjoying a midnight movie opening at Jordan Creek to hanging out with friends on Court Avenue or having some of the best barbecue ever at Jethro’s, right in the Drake neighborhood.

Advice for prospective students: Visit any school you think you may be interested in and ask tough questions to make sure you make the right decision for you. But most of all, just look for a school that feels right. A lot of the time it may be hard to explain why a school seems like the right fit, as it can boil down to a gut instinct. All you will know is that school is right for you. That’s the feeling I remember having when I first visited Drake.

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