Lilianna Bernstein

Lilianna Bernstein

Assistant Director of Admission


Phone: 515-271-2291

TerritoryIllinois Schools with zip codes beginning with 600, 602-603, 607, and 610-611

Educational Background: B.A. and M.P.A., Drake University

Three interesting things about Lilianna:

  1. My middle name is Happy.
  2. I own a historic house (circa 1900) in the Drake neighborhood and love to work on projects on it.
  3. I met my husband in an airport.

Why do you love Drake? I initially fell in love with the University as a prospective high school student. Back then, I loved Drake because of its size, personal attention, and the beautiful campus; As a Drake student, I continued to love Drake because it offered me so many opportunities, friendships, and experiences. As an alum, I still love Drake for all the same reasons I have in the past, but my perspective now is that I can reflect and say, "Wow, look at much Drake changed my life!"

Favorite thing to do in Des Moines: The downtown Farmer's Market in the Court Avenue District (Saturdays from 7AM-noon; May-October). I grew up in Chicago and found that Des Moines has pretty much everything to do that Chicago has, but the Downtown Farmers Market is truly a uniquely Des Moines experience.

Advice for prospective students: The best way to know if Drake is the right fit for you is to experience a day here! Visit and tour the campus, meet a faculty member, explore Des Moines and talk to current students!


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