Tisleen Singh

Tisleen Singh

  • tisleen.singh@drake.edu
  • Title: Admission Counselor
  • Territory: Illinois schools with zip codes beginning with 601 and 605-606
  • Educational Background: B.A, Drake University
  • Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Three interesting things about Tisleen:

  1. I’ve never cut my hair! (religious reasons)
  2. I’m not an animal person, but I love babies.
  3. I play the harmonium

Why do you love Drake? Where do I start? I completed my undergraduate degree at Drake University and those four years completely changed my life. I was exposed to so many different aspects of life and challenged everyday that I came out knowing who I was as an individual. The faculty and staff supported me and helped me grow personally and intellectually. The students that go here are motivated and it pushed me to get involved and try so many new things. Drake isn’t a place where you go to have a “typical” college experience. Throughout my undergrad I was able to experience my major, have doors open up in other career possibilities, and make life long friends. I never even knew what " Higher Education" was and now it is my career. Drake makes it possible and realistic to succeed, and you have a whole lot of fun while doing it. I’ve never believed in something so much until I came to Drake University.

Where is your favorite place to be in the Des Moines metro? You can always find me out in West Des Moines. It sounds typical, but I really love Jordan Creek Mall! You can start your Saturday off having brunch with friends, spend the rest of the day shopping, and then have a fun night out! There are a lot of young professionals in the Des Moines Metro so it’ makes it easy and enjoyable to network and meet new people!

What is your favorite food to get in Hubbell Dining Hall?I LOVE the pizza! And for dessert, take a brownie or cookie, warm it up in the microwave, then top it off with some soft serve ice cream!

Advice for prospective students? Step out of your box when you’re looking at colleges. VISIT. Talk to current students and professors. Sit in on a class. Get a feel for what the campus is really all about. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a college, and once I started visiting, my perspective completely changed. Ask the tough questions, pay attention to the type of students that attend that school, listen to your gut, and you’ll find a place to call home in no time.



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