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Congratulations, and welcome to the Bulldog pack!

The process to enroll is slightly different for first-year students in the U.S., transfer students, and international students, so pick your squad below to learn the specifics about becoming a Bulldog. Then once you've made it Drake-official, you can tweet a pic of you and your acceptance packet tagged #DrakeUniversity and make it really official.

Admission Calendar and Events

Tour Drake...

Monday-Friday - Individual Visits

Oct. 9- Campus Preview Day

Oct. 19 - Campus Preview Half-Day

Oct.20- Campus Preview Half-Day

 ...Drake on Tour


Sept. 24 -Pharmacy Tour: Chicago

Oct. 15 - Drake on the Road: Chicago


Oct. 15 - Drake on the Road: Kansas City


Oct.15 - Drake on the Road: Twin Cities


Oct.29 -Drake on the Road: Saint Louis


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