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Lauren (Smith) Hong
Owner/ Founder at Out & About Communications, Owner/Designer at Lauren Olivia & Company

Drake Degree: BA '07 Graphic Design; Advertising minor; Global Ambassador Certificate

Choosing Drake

After touring Drake, I knew it was the right fit. At Drake, you don't feel like a number. Professors take time to meet with and mentor you. The administration genuinely wants to see you succeed and is always working to make campus better. You get big school benefits, and a small school feeling. It's an environment where you can knock on your professor’s door, where the president invites you into his home, and where the greater Des Moines community is involved with Drake happenings. 

Overseas Experience

A favorite internship was working with OXFAM in Hong Kong. I decided to intern overseas to enrich my undergraduate experience, and to make the most out of my Drake Global Ambassador Certificate. I was fortunate to spend a summer at OXFAM preparing their marketing materials for an upcoming World Trade Conference. This was a fascinating opportunity to support the behind-the-scenes work of a multinational NGO. Also, I was able to return to Drake with a few graduation requirements checked off, and new work added to my portfolio! 

Preparation for the Future

As the owner and founder of a marketing and branding company, Out & About Communications, so I use my Drake graphic design degree every day. The graphic design department at Drake really focuses on design principles and how this translates to the online space. This is valuable, because understanding the fundamentals really helps pinpoint why certain designs work or don't work. Also, at Drake I took a handful of classes in different colleges, and I've found that Drake's interdisciplinary focus really helps me better network, relate and connect with my clients who work in a variety of industries. 

Marti Wolf 
Community Engagement VISTA at AIB College of Business

Drake degree: BA ’13 Environmental Policy; Law, Politics & Society

Choosing Drake

The environmental policy and law, politics, and society majors really stuck out to me, seeming to align perfectly with my passions and professional goals. Even though I visited in the middle of the summer and there were hardly any students on campus, I could tell that Drake was a place where I would have opportunities to expand my horizons and make memories to last a lifetime…and it did not disappoint!  

Bridging Relationships

One of Drake’s most valuable assets is the countless opportunities it provides for students to get involved on and around campus. Being able to explore interests and leadership positions outside of my academic focus helped me realize that people are my passion. The atmosphere at Drake promotes a balance of life, where students are encouraged to pursue both personal and professional accomplishments. The people I have met in my four years at Drake are the most driven, passionate, generous, and genuine humans I could ever hope to acquaint myself with, and it is these friendships that have allowed me to grow into the person I am today. 

Confronting Complex Issues

My two favorite classes at Drake were American Public Policy with Professor Joanna Mosser and Human Rights and Environmental Catastrophes with Professor Jean Carmalt. The theories and discussions involved in both of these courses opened my eyes to new ideas and problems in our society, but more importantly, my professors prepared me to begin dialogues aimed at addressing these issues. Even with incredibly complex social concerns such as global human right violations or the American policymaking process, my classmates and I were able to walk away from the course inspired and with tools to begin solving these problems. 

Coursework to Career

Both of my majors were housed in the College of Arts and Sciences and I participated in the Honors program, so most of my classes were discussion-based and quite interdisciplinary. Being able to build relationships with my professors and peers allowed for a really meaningful learning environment where I could share my opinions and learn from those around me. I only took three multiple-choice tests throughout my entire time at Drake, which meant that I was given the infrastructure and space to formulate opinions, support my ideas, and continue to build on everything I had learned in other courses. I often found that discussions I was having in one class would enhance my learning in other classes and I was constantly encouraged to push myself and make mental connections. I was forced to develop my writing, reading, and speaking skills, but most importantly, I learned to listen.

While I obviously gained a lot of knowledge from my professors and reading materials, I probably learned the most from my classmates and peers. Having an open classroom environmental exposed me to immeasurably diverse perspectives and each classroom developed its own dynamic where students grow personally and academically, and bring their unique strengths to the table. 

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