2016-2017 Administrative Calendar

August 19                                           Learning Symposium
August 23                                           A&S Department Chairs’ Retreat
August TBD                                         A&S New Faculty Orientation
August 24                                           New Student Move-in
August 25                                           Welcome Weekend advisor/advisee luncheon
August 26                                           University Convocation
August 29                                           Fall term begins

September 2                                       Last day to add a class
September 5                                       Labor Day; University closed
September TBD                                   Travel grants due (though accepted on rolling basis)
September 9                                       OCS forms due
September 11                                     College Picnic at Colby Park
September 12                                     Last day to drop a class without a “W”
September 12                                     Stalnaker Lecture, Nancy Berns
September TBD                                   Spring 2016 schedule due to Arts & Sciences
September TBD                                   Academic Fair
September TBD                                   Sabbatical leave reports due (for academic year sab)
September 23-25                                Parent/Family weekend
September 23-25                                Homecoming Weekend

October TBD                                        P&T candidate recommendations due to Dean
October TBD                                        Intent to apply for promotion to professor in Fall 2016 due to Dean
October TBD                                        FDA grant applications due (Fine Arts faculty only)
October TBD                                        Sabbatical Leave Applications due to Dean
October 14-15                                     Board of Trustees meeting
October 17-18                                     Fall Break
October 19                                          Midpoint of semester
*October 21                                        Faculty Development FY 16-1 due date
*October 22                                        National Advisory Council Speed Networking
October 24                                          Midterm grades due by 8 a.m.
October 26                                          Last day to drop a class without extenuating circumstances
October 28                                          Last day for major/minor changes before registration

November TBD                                     Spring 2017 course registration begins
November TBD                                     Final grades available for faculty web-entry and student viewing
November TBD                                     Second-year faculty reviews due to Dean
November 22                                       Thanksgiving recess begins after evening classes
November 23-25                                  University closed beginning at noon

December 9                                         Day free for study
December 12-16                                  Final evaluation period
December 16                                       Fall 2016 term ends
December 17                                       December Commencement Ceremony
December 21                                       Fall semester grades due by 10 a.m.
December 23                                       Begin winter break; University closed

January 3                                             Campus reopens after holiday break; J-Term begins
January TBD                                         Senior Scholar Status requests due
January TBD                                         Board of Trustees meeting
January 16                                           Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; University closed
January 20                                           End of J-Term
January 23                                           Spring 2017 term begins
January TBD                                         PARs due to Dept. Chairs
January TBD                                         College elections begin
January 27                                           Last day to add a class
January TBD                                         Sabbatical Leave Reports due (calendar-year sab)

February 3                                           Last day to drop a class without a “W”
February TBD                                       First, third, fourth, fifth-year tenure-track faculty reviews & reappointment recommendations due to Dean
February TBD                                      Teacher of the Year nominations due
February TBD                                      Graduation applications due for May 2017 graduates

March 1                                               Tenured faculty PAEs, PAHEs due from chairs to Dean
March 10                                             Midpoint of semester
March 13-17                                        Spring break
March TBD                                           Last day to drop a Spring 2015 class without extenuating circumstances
*March 30                                           Faculty Development FY 16-2 due date
March TBD                                           J-Term Fair
March TBD                                           Fall & Summer 2016 and J-Term 2017 class schedules due to A&S

April 1                                                 Student Award forms due
April 14                                               DUCURS
April 13                                               College of Arts & Sciences Student Honors Ceremony 
April 27-29                                          Drake Relays (classes dismissed at 1:50pm Friday)
                                                           Board of Trustees meeting

May 5                                                  Day free for study
May 8-12                                             Final evaluation period
May 12                                                Spring 2016 term ends
May TBD                                              Honors Awards Ceremony (Honors Program)
May 13                                                Commencement
May 17                                                Spring 2016 grades due to Student Records
May 29                                                Memorial Day: University closed

A&S News
July 20, 2016
Members of the public are invited to a free talk by Drake University alumna Darci Vetter, chief agricultural negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, on July 27.