PAR Procedure 2013-14

  1. Faculty members complete PARs or PAHEs and submit to department chairs electronically, by the first day of the spring 2014 term: January 27, 2014 (or before, if department or chair sets an earlier date). Supporting documents may be submitted to department chairs in digital or hard copy format. 
  2. Department chairs, please type or copy comments into PAE or PAHE form, and print to discuss with faculty member. 
  3. Following evaluation discussion, department chair and faculty member sign the PAE or PAHE form. 
  4. For tenure-track faculty, department chairs should send PAR, signed PAE, and all supporting documents to the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office by Monday, February 17, 2014 
  5. For tenured faculty, department chairs should send just PAR and signed PAE or PAHE, narrative statement, and CV to the College of Arts & Sciences Dean's Office. Please retain all supporting documents (course evaluations, syllabi, publications, presentations, etc.) in department office. 
  6. The Dean will attach a summary evaluation to all faculty evaluations and return PAR/PAE/PAHE originals and supporting documents to department chairs. 

November 15—second-year reviews due to Dean

January 27—PARs/PAHE due to Department Chairs

February 17—First, third, fourth, and fifth-year tenure track, and tenured faculty reviews due to Dean

March 3 – Tenured faculty reviews due to Dean 


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A&S News
July 11, 2014
The Environmental Education Summer Workshop for Teachers—co-sponsored by Drake University, MetroWaste Authority, and Prairie City-Monroe (PCM) School District—is designed to expose educators to a wide range of experiences connecting the natural history of Iowa’s plants and animals to problem-based learning exercises that address both science and math standards.