All Staff Council Committee Membership 2014-2015


Communications Term
Christine Marchand Provost's Office May 2015
Stephanie Majeran, Chair Provost's Office May 2016
Margaret Corkrean Arts & Sciences May 2016
Scott Law Department of Public Safety May 2017
Theresa Jubert
University Communications May 2017
James Wu Office of Information Technology May 2015
Jenny Tran-Johnson, Co-Chair Arts & Sciences May 2017
Lorissa Lieurance, Chair Office of Residence Life May 2015
Johanna Determann Wellness May 2017
Nancy Geiger Provost's Office May 2016
Chrystal Stanley, Co-Chair Academic Excellence and Student Affairs May 2015
Paul Secord Alumni and Development May 2015
Cheryle Anania President's Office May 2015
Joseph Scavo College of Pharmacy May 2017
Tisleen Singh Admissions May 2016
Tricia Atterberg College of Arts and Sciences May 2016
Jen Hogan, Co-Chair International Center May 2016
Lori Richman Law School May 2016
Caron Findlay Finance & Administration May 2015
Kirk Martin, Co-Chair International Center May 2015
Jana Peterson Wellness May 2017
Special Events/Community Service   
Renee Sedlacek, Co-Chair Office of Community Engagement May 2017
Shelley Hurst, Chair Student Records and Academic Information May 2015
Jill Batten Student Programs May 2017
Bill Jensen Office of Information Technology May 2016
Amy O'Shaughnessy Arts & Sciences May 2016
Stephanie Mohler Dean of Student's Office May 2017
Erica Hartschen President's Office May 2017
Terri Smith Student Accounts May 2015
Randi Boelkes, Ad-hoc member Student Accounts  
Sara Heijerman, Ad-hoc member Student Accounts  
Merrie Frentress, Ad-hoc member Student Financial Planning  
At-Large Member      
Lisa Murphy Recreational Services May 2016
Past Chair      
Jana Peterson Wellness  
HR Representative      
Laura Schwarz Human Resources  


University News
September 12, 2014
Gereon Kopf, associate professor of religion at Luther College, will deliver a lecture titled “When Expression is Expressed, Non-Expression is Not-Expressed: A Zen Buddhist Approach to Talking About the Ineffable” as part of The Comparison Project’s fall 2014 programming.