Recognition Committee

Are you “Called to be True Blue”?  Do you know someone or an office that practices excellence, learning, integrity, citizenship and/or fiscal responsibility?  The All-Staff Council Recognition Committee recognizes those who practice “Called to be True Blue” values. Anyone may nominate any staff person or department for practicing these values.  Winners will be announced throughout the year. At the conclusion of the academic year, each “Called to be True Blue” recipient will be recognized at the Sapphire Awards show.


Nominate a Drake University staff member or office who demonstrates “Called to be True Blue” values with

  • Excellence

  • Learning

  • Integrity

  • Citizenship

  • Fiscal Responsibility


Take a minute to nominate that hard working colleague or office that you know is making a difference at Drake for you and the University.

To nominate someone, go to the All Staff Channel under the Employee tab in blueView and submit nomination electronically or use this link: Nomination Form


“Called to be True Blue” winners will be announced to the Drake University community and each winner will be eligible for the All-Staff Best in Show Awards at the Best in Show Party.

The most recent All Staff Council event was our Sapphire Awards show, held in Levitt Hall on May 7. This event recognized Carla McCrea from School of Journalism and Mass Communications as the overall Called to be True Blue winner for the 2013-2014 academic year. The facilities, grounds, and snow removal crew were recognized as an outstanding group that made a difference for our campus community this past academic year. Congratulations to all!

Recent Called to be True Blue Winners:

Beth Hudson (nominated by Renae Chesnut) and Renae Chesnut (nominated by Wendy Duncan)

James McNab (nominated by Joe Scavo and Bob Soltis) and James Wu (nominated by Caron Findlay)

Thomas  Heijerman (nominated by Caron Findlay)


2013-2014 "Called to be True Blue" Award Winners




Carla McCrea

School of Journalism and Mass Communications

Kathleen Richardson

James Wu


Caron Findlay

James McNab

OIT Joe Scavo & Bob Soltis

Beth Hudson

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Renae Chesnut

Renae Chesnut

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Wendy Duncan

Jenny Tran Johnson

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Sharyn O'Connor-Beener

Marilea Chase

College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Raylene Rospond

Tom Heijerman

OIT Caron Findlay


In previous years, the All-Staff Council Recognition Committee recognized staff with a SPOTlight Award for demonstrating "Superior Performance and Outstanding Talent" with


  • Excellence

  • Creativity

  • Learning

  • Community Involvement

  • Integrity

  • Fiscal Responsibility



2010-2011 SPOTlight Award Winners




Marc Davis

Cowles Library

Susan Fink and Rod Henshaw

Jody Stagner

Law School

Lori Richman

Heather Storms

Law Library

Sara Lowe

Rondolyn (Ronnie) Hawkins

Legal Clinic

Mara Deaton


2009-2010 SPOTlight Award Winners




Sam Sinram

Office of Information Technology

Venessa Macro &
Gary Johnson

Donna Knight-Donovan

Student Accounts

Robert Harlan &
Office of Student Accounts

Mary Middleton*

Head Start

Cristina Toledo

Andrea McDonough

Marketing & Communications

Calee Himes

Margaret Corkrean

College of Arts & Sciences

Sofia Turnbull

Jeremy Sievers

Marketing & Communications

Linda Ryan &
Sue Bach

Brian Gabel


Joe Quinn

Sonja Brightwell

Residence Life

Pamyla Stewart


2008-2009 SPOTlight Award Winners






Suzanne Brown*

Office of the Provost

Sandi Smeltzer


Margaret Crawford

College of Arts & Sciences

Howard Rescot


Kris Rossmiller

Environmental Health & Safety

Bob Soltis


Pam Smith

Student Financial Planning

Brandi Stone-Miller

* Best in Show Award recipient


2010-2011 Best Ensemble

Jana Peterson

Johanna M Determann


2009-2010 Best Ensemble

It could be argued that Drake’s dedication to its students begins at orientation.

Like a fine-tuned orchestra, countless individuals from almost every corner of the university came together last summer to conduct five remarkable orientation sessions.  Under the leadership of the individuals listed below, and with notable contributions from the others who put forth their hard work last summer, Drake demonstrated its commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment for its students. The acclaimed performance by these individuals left a strong impression not only on the students, but also on the Drake University staff. Therefore, the All Staff Council would like to recognize these individuals as the “Best Ensemble” for their dedication to achieving a memorable orientation experience last summer.  Bravo!

Tom Brown

Jim O'Brien

Wanda Everage

Tasha Stiger

Jessica Lang

Melissa Sturm-Smith

Lorissa Lieurance

Carrie Walters

Randy McMullin