Why Study BCMB?

Tomorrow’s scientific leaders will be equipped with molecular interdisciplinary training.

Our national professional society, the American Society of Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (ASBMB), says it well:

Over the past decade, an ever growing arsenal of techniques has helped researchers dissect the innermost secrets of the cell and develop new ways to detect and attack disease. These techniques also have been used to produce vast amounts of once rare drugs and vaccines, trace the path of evolution, create instant tests for a host of illnesses, warn people when their children might inherit a deadly disease, and identify criminals and victims of disasters. The leaders in this scientific revolution have been biochemists and molecular biologists.

BCMB careers are in high demand.

Career prospects are bright for someone trained in the molecular life sciences. Job market projections list biochemical and molecular sciences careers among the fastest growing occupations.

BCMB trains you for a wide array of careers.

Since BCMB sits at that interdisciplinary crossroads of the sciences, it provides the basis for a multitude of career path options. These range from people-based careers, laboratory and discovery based careers, administration, and regulatory processes. Our department has a record of success placing graduates in all these areas.

Drake’s BCMB program is designed to provide hands-on experiences and curricular customizability to match a broad range of potential careers.

Why should I major in BCMB if my career goals are in:

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