A University-wide collaboration for fast access to accurate information … and improved decision making.

Using information to support decision-making is a key tenet of responsible management of the University. BlueCube is the data warehouse solution that will give Drake’s decision makers an unprecedented ease of access to information in a fraction of the time.

Decisions at Drake often need to be made on the spur of the moment: Are there enough students interested in biology within a given region to merit sending a biology professor along to a recruiting event? Or what student demographics or academic domains seem to correlate with high achievement? With blueCube ⎯ Drake’s new Business Intelligence system for accessing, analyzing and reporting the data stored in the University’s enterprise business systems ⎯ we can now convert that data into useable, accurate, and timely information to enable effective and efficient decisions.

Visit the Background and Benefits pages for a look at what’s different about the new system, and how it will benefit you.

Project Team Leadership

Ann Kovalchick, Chief Information Technology Officer
Kevin Saunders, Dir. Of Institutional Research and Academic Compliance
Angie Embree, Dir. Of Computer Information Systems
Nancy Geiger, Student Records Analyst

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