blueCube and Student Enrollment

University community members have been asking when they will be able to use blueCube to access student enrollment data.  At this time dashboards have been made available to the Deans.  Deputy Provost Sue Wright and Dean Raylene Rospond  are currently working with Kevin Saunders, Director of Institutional Research and Nancy Geiger, Student Records Analyst and Student Data Custodian to develop the security model for student enrollment data.  Once they have completed this, OIT will be able to implement their security model making blueCube more widely available.  We estimate that will happen early in FY 14.

Additionally, the blueCube implementation team is working on upgrading the blueCube student module to version 4.1.  This will expand the capability and make more data available to users.  The upgrade is scheduled for completion by June 24.

Lastly, Drake has purchased Pyramid Analytics for dashboards and adhoc queries to replace Microsoft Performance Point and ProClarity, the latter which will be desupported by MicroSoft.  The Pyramid tools were evaluated by DUSIS Team Leaders who believe the tools to be more user friendly than their Microsoft counterparts.  Train the trainer training is scheduled for the week of June 24.

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