Accident Injury Incident Reporting and Process

Accident Injury Incident Reporting Process

Call Security at 515-271-2222, when there is a fall, injury, or some type of accident or incident on campus. Security has training to assess the situation and secure help if injured requests help. Security also completes and forwards an accident/incident report to the Insurance Coordinator or Human Resources for insurance purposes. (incident form)

If Security is not called at the time of the incident, and an incident occurs in a class or meeting, it is the faculty member's or the director’s responsibility to fill out an Incident form within 48 hours and submit it to the Finance and Administration Insurance Coordinator (Fax: 515-271-4169).

If you know of an incident that an Official Drake Security Report has not been filed, then you will need to fill out an Incident‌Incident form and Submit Claim to Insurance Coordinator, 316 Old Main.

Incident form is online at:  or

Process to Report Faculty or Staff Injuries

If the accident results in an injury that requires medical assistance on site contact Security at 811 (campus phone) or (515) 271-2222.

If the accident results in a life threatening injury call 9-911 (campus phone) or 911 (non-campus phone) and then call Security.

If the accident results in an injury that requires medical treatment but the person is able to transport self to  the clinic call Gary Johnson, Human Resources (271-4804)  so arrangements can be made for the treatment of the employee. 

NOTE: Faculty, staff, or student employee falls or injuries are workers comp related. Those injuries are to be reported through Blueview HR Forms portal.  Form is found under the Employee Tab, Human Resources forms,  titled:  First Report of Injury.