Risk Management and Insurance Forms

Risk Management and Insurance Forms and Uses                                                                             

The forms below are used for various Drake approved activities. The forms need to be completed and forwarded to the risk management contact, Donna Blunck.  The forms should be submitted in a timely manner to allow  ample time to review and run approvals (as necessary). Many can be submitted online.

1.  Certificate of Insurance Request Forms(COI). These forms are used to request certificates of insurance as part of the contracting process.  The certificate should be on file in the Insurance office before the contract starts.

2.  Contract Templates.     Includes a basic contract template.

3.  Event Risk Management Analysis Questionnaire .      Use to help assess risk for a new event.

4.  Incident or Accident Report.  Used for incidents that do not have a Public Safety incident report filed.  Use for slips, falls, thefts, vehicle accident, property damage. NOTE: Faculty, staff, or student employee falls or injuries are workers comp related. Those injuries are to be reported through Blueview HR Forms portal.  Form is found under Employee Tab titled: First Report of Injury.

5.  Insurance Card.  Used for vehicle rentals and Drake owned vehicles. Request Insurance Card.

6.  Traveler Documents.  ‌Use to register international trips for the travel and security assistance coverage while abroad. Register your trip: request Medex Roster.

7.  Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) Used for Drake Driver Approval—Process: a motor vehicle report is run.  All Drake approved drivers must have 6 or less mvr points based on the Motor Vehicle Point System

8.  Release of Liability (ROL).   Used for various events--on campus, off campus, debates, field trips, mock trials, moot court, competitions, personal vehicle use, personal property on campus, etc.

9.  Travel/Trips. (Required Class Trips, Voluntary Domestic Trips, International Trips, Driving Forms) NOTE: All trips--voluntary or not--should have the participant emergency contact information readily available and an identified faculty or staff emergency contact on notice for the trip.





































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