Group Travel Insurance Information

Study Abroad and Domestic Group Travel Insurance and Assistance Information (updated March 5,2013)

Insurance or Assistance Services that are Secured by Drake or Traveler Optional Source:

  • Group Travel Insurance through CHUBB (Drake Secured)
  • Travel Assistance through MEDEX (Drake Secured)
  • Foreign Liability Insurance through AIG (Drake Secured)
  • Student Health Insurance through United HealthCare (Traveler Option Source)
  • ISIC Insurance through AIG and can purchase on campus (Traveler Option Source)


Group Travel Accident (CHUBB) - Contact: Drake Business and Finance, 515-271-3116
Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan, e.g., $100,000 AD&D per student/$3m aggregate limit per accident/payable per plan limits.  All admitted, registered students, guests, volunteers, board members, committee member, alumni and other traveling as part of a Drake approved and sponsored trip.


Foreign Liability Insurance (AIG) - directors, officers, employees, students and alumni up to limits of plan.  Some areas of coverage include general liability, employers liability, employers's liability, kidnap/ransom, wrongful detention, etc.


Travel Assistance and Emergency Security 24/7 (MEDEX) - (coordinate & arrange service)  Must contact MEDEX first before initiating any of these services: 800-527-0218 US/ 1 410-453-6330 Worldwide Collect.  MEDEX provides a comprehensive range of information, referral, coordination and arrangement services for domestic and abroad trips, as well as, emergency security evacuation for Political Unrest or Natural Disaster for abroad trips.  NOTE: only those listed on the Description of Covered Services document are paid for by MEDEX. 


MEDEX:  Print or download the traveler documents for each trip.   Click here for more information on MEDEX and Optional Insurance Sources.




University News
March 28, 2017
The Judith A. Lindquist Scholarship for Women MBAs covers up to half the cost of tuition for current and incoming Drake M.B.A. students who are unable to participate in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer.