Group Travel Insurance Information

Study Abroad and Domestic Group Travel Insurance and Assistance Information (updated 5.17.2017)

Insurance or Assistance Services that are Secured by Drake or Traveler Optional Source:

  • Group Travel Insurance through CHUBB (Drake Secured)
  • Travel Assistance and Security Coordination through MEDEX (Drake Secured)
  • Foreign Liability Insurance through AIG (Drake Secured)
  • International Students Health Insurance through Fairmont Specialty 
  • Voluntary Trip Coverage for Traveler Insurance Option ( )
  • ISIC Insurance through AIG and can purchase on campus (Traveler Option Source)


Group Travel Accident (CHUBB)
Accidental Death and Dismemberment plan, e.g., $100,000 AD&D per student/$3m aggregate limit per accident/payable per plan limits.  All admitted, registered students, guests, volunteers, board members, committee member, alumni and other traveling as part of a Drake approved and sponsored trip.


Foreign Liability Insurance (AIG) - directors, officers, employees, students and alumni up to limits of plan.  Some areas of coverage include general liability, employers liability, employers's liability, kidnap/ransom, wrongful detention, etc.


Travel Assistance and Emergency Security 24/7 (MEDEX UHCG) - (coordinate & arrange service)  Must contact UHCG first before initiating any of these services: 800-527-0218 US/ 1 410-453-6330 Worldwide Collect.  MEDEX provides a comprehensive range of information, referral, coordination and arrangement services for domestic and abroad trips, as well as, emergency security evacuation for Political Unrest or Natural Disaster for abroad trips.


MEDEX:  Print or download the for each trip.   Click here for more information on MEDEX and Optional Insurance Sources.




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November 21, 2017
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