Minors on Campus Guidelines and Processes

Minors on Campus Guidelines Summary Outline

General Outline Categories to Consider for Minors on Campus Events:

1.  Registration of Program/Event  (contact info for Drake Events Management http://www.drake.edu/events/ )

2.  Hiring Practices  (Create section page (copy and paste outline info and then create links to forms)

3.  Policies  Create a sectionp page, copy outline portion and then link to university policies page including direct link to  Minors on Campus policy, and other policies as pertinent)

4.  Procedures and Processes (create media doc Guidelines 2 page doc that was used for the basic policy draft. )

5.  Forms  Minors Forms. (create a section page with minors forms links to media docs .)

6.  Training Who, What, When, Where, How (Program Leaders, parents, Participants) include Violations and Event Contacts . 

Additional Resources.

Mandatory Reporting Resources



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