Business and Finance
Policy Title: Budget Change Request
Created 3/10/2008      Updated 3/10/2008

Purpose: A budget change form is used when additional budget dollars are needed in a particular line item in the budget. This form transfers budget dollars from one account to another. This form is not to be used to move actual revenues or expenses.

Number of Copies:

Two: (1-Budget Office, 1 your records)

Signatures Needed:

  1. Dean or Department Head
  2. Appropriate Vice President as required.
  3. Large budget increases may require signature of Vice President of Business & Finance and/or President.

How to Complete:

  1. Fill in the 18 digit Banner FOPAL, account titles and amounts in whole dollars only, no cents.
  2. Note whether this is a permanent budget change or a temporary budget change.
  3. List the account that is to be increased first.
  4. List the account that is to be decreased second.
  5. Explain the reason for the change.
  6. Obtain the required signatures and send the completed form to the Budget Director.

Where to Send Form:

Budget Office, Old Main

Account Codes:

Use the 18 digit account Banner FOPAL of the budget line items you are using.

Special Note:

  1. Funds cannot be moved from any salary budgets (including student and part-time salaries) to operating expenditure budgets without the approval of Vice President of Business and Finance.
  2. All entries made to change actual expenditures must be made via a Journal Voucher entry and not by a Budget Change form.


When received in the Budget Office, the proposed budget change request will be reviewed to determine that funds are available. If funds are available, the budget change will be processed through the Banner Finance system and will be assigned as a JV number via Banner. Temporary budget changes will be listed as a BD04 and permanent budget changes will be listed as a BD02 in the transaction history file. These may be viewed in FGITRND screen.

Send policy comments to: Web Administrator
Responsibility for Administration: Budget Director
Department Policy Resides in: Business and Finance

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