Business and Finance
Policy Title: Grant Federal Signatories
Created 4/25/2008     Updated 4/25/08

Purpose: to provide an official signatory policy for Federal grants and contracts.

Federal agencies require the Board of Trustees to designate one individual who has authority to sign federal grant proposals and contracts, award agreements and accept the ensuing award.

The Board of Trustees authorizes the Vice President for Business and Finance as the designated signatory for all federal grant proposals, contracts and award agreements and  acceptances on behalf of the University.

All non-federal grant proposals under $50,000 may be approved internally and signed by the Controller, as the Vice President of Business and Finance’s designee.

Drake’s internal grant procedures require the written approval of the principal investigator, the appropriate dean, the director of sponsored programs, the Provost and the Vice President for Business and Finance on all grant proposals before submission.  These current internal procedures related to the approval of grant proposals will remain unchanged. 

Send policy comments to: Web Administrator
Authorized/Approved by: The Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees
Responsibility for Administration: Vice President for Business and Finance
Department Policy Resides in: Business and Finance

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