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Monday, 30 Nov 2015 - All Categories
Physics and Astronomy Seminar: Nicholas Douguet [Academics]
04:30 PM - 05:30 PM @ HI 134 - Nicolas Douguet Post-doctoral Associate and Adjunct Instructor Department of Physics & Astronomy Drake University Electron-impact induced chemistry and coherent control of quantum phenomena with lasers The theoretical description of collision processes involving molecules, electrons and photons is essential to model important environments, such as planetary atmospheres, technological plasmas, human cells and interstellar clouds. In this talk, I will at first give an overview of the recent advances in our understanding of the dissociation of polyatomic ions and biomolecules in collision with low-energy electrons. Then, a novel technique to probe isomerization reactions by quasi-instantaneous imaging of the internal structure of a molecule will be presented, as well as processes related to the formation and destruction of cosmic carbon-chain anions. Finally, I will describe part of our work at Drake, focusing specifically on the “coherent control” of quantum phenomena by interfering one-photon and two-photon pathways with femto-second XUV pulses.
Keys to Excellence Piano Series presents: Nicholas Roth [Fine Arts & Performances]
07:30 PM - 09:00 PM @ Sheslow Auditorium - This concert is part of the Keys to Excellence Piano Series, created to raise awareness of Drake’s fundraising efforts for the purchase of 70 brand new Yamaha pianos for the music department. Sponsored by Yamaha, West Music, Civic Music Association, and Drake University. For more information, contact Nicholas Roth at (515) 321-5947 or
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