Exploring Careers

Career Cruising

Seeking a profession which ignites a fiery passion within you? Yet, still not sure what that profession is?

Our CAREER CRUISING assessment can help!

Upon completing a simple questionnaire, you’ll discover which careers best align with your general interests, skillsets and values.

Talk with the PCDS staff about this and other career assessments available to you.

Discover your Career Options

We know students don’t want a just a job upon graduating, they prefer a career. 

Today, college majors encompass a multitude of career paths.  To find out what professions fall under the umbrella of your major, check out our MAJOR METRICSsection which provides you with:

  1. Occupations categorized under your major
  2. A listing of industries
  3. Strategies which maximize career opportunities   

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK HANDBOOK is a career resource guide with information on duties, education and training, and salary within a number of different industries. 

Today at Drake
University News
December 8, 2017
After a campaign season brimming with politicians and pundits, Drake students cast their votes at an exceptionally high rate in the 2016 presidential election.