Behavioral Analysis of Developmental Disabilities

Description of Concentration

This cross-disciplinary program of study provides students interested in working with children with disabilities the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in settings such as a classroom or clinical and applied settings. This program emphasizes two areas — behavior analysis and developmental issues.

Requirements for Concentration

Required Courses: PSY 001 Introduction to Psychology 4 hours
  PSY 060 Principles of Behavior 3 hours
  SPED 153 Applied Behavior Analysis and PBS
(Recommend PSY 060 prior to SPED 153)
3 hours
Required Either: PSY 042 Child and Adolescent Development 3 hours
  EDUC 105 Human Development (Elem & Early Child) 3 hours
  EDUC 106 Human Development (Secondary) 3 hours
Required Either: SPED 120 Introduction to Special Education 3 hours
  SPED 152 Charting and Assessment of Young Children with Needs 3 hours
Required Either: PSY 148 Psychology of Developmental Disabilities 3 hours
  PSY 142 Behavior Analysis of Child Development 3 hours
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