Pre-Professional Study and Combined Degree Programs

The requirements for entrance into schools of dentistry, law, medical technology, medicine, mortuary science, optometry, osteopathic medicine, physical therapy, physician’s assistant, podiatry, religious education, theology, social work, veterinary medicine, chiropractic and other professional schools are not uniform. This makes the early selection of a specific professional school advisable. The student’s pre-professional study program can then be correlated with the entrance requirements of that institution.

Students who achieve the objectives of a liberal education are well qualified to pursue professional study. A widely diversified program is recommended to develop competence in communication and inquiry and an awareness of human values, social institutions and the physical environment. A faculty adviser works closely with each student to develop a program fitted to the student’s interests and needs.

A number of professional schools admit students who have attained senior standing and have completed general requirements for graduation and requirements in their major field of concentration to pursue a combined degree program. With faculty approval, arts and sciences students admitted to such an accredited program in dentistry, law or medicine may apply the first year of professional study toward graduation. Contact the Office of the Dean for further information on combined degree programs.

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December 8, 2017
After a campaign season brimming with politicians and pundits, Drake students cast their votes at an exceptionally high rate in the 2016 presidential election.