Archive - 2006-2007 Undergraduate Catalog

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General Information

  History and Character of Drake University
  Collegial Structure
  Undergraduate Admission
  Costs and Financial Information
  Admission and Establishing Eligibility for Financial Aid
  Scholarships and Grants
  Academic Regulations
  AP, IB, and CLEP Credit (For Students Entering Fall 2005)
  The Drake Curriculum
  Graduation Requirements
  Student Life
  Resources for Study
  Academic Assistance and Student Services
  Evening and Weekend Classes
  Extension Classes
  Summer Session
  Special Programs
  Activities and Organizations
  Drake University Board of Trustees


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College of Arts and Sciences
   School of Fine Arts
(666 kb)
College of Business and Public Administration (200 kb)
School of Journalism and Mass Communication (73 kb)
School of Education (53 kb)
Law School (15 kb)
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (88 kb)

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University News
December 8, 2017
After a campaign season brimming with politicians and pundits, Drake students cast their votes at an exceptionally high rate in the 2016 presidential election.