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Drake University - Advertising Minor

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Advertising Minor

Description of Minor

The advertising minor is designed to provide students who anticipate careers involving an advertising component, such as marketing, management and business, with a well-rounded background in advertising principles and concepts. In addition, there will be some exposure to advertising's creative process. The minor is made up of 21 hours of journalism coursework.

Requirements for Minor

Required courses:

JMC 30 (Communications in Society) - Spring Only3
JMC 59 (Visual Communication)3
JMC 76 (Advertising Principles)3
JMC 145 (Advertising Campaigns) (1) Fall (2) Spring3

Choose three of the following:

JMC 57 (Video Production)3
JMC 124 (Advertising Copywriting)3
JMC 129 (Account Management)3
JMC 132 (Advertising Media Planning)3
JMC Elective (To be approved by minor Adviser)3

Advertising minors must also include PSYCH 1, and SCSS 1 in their program.

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