Except for the Law School, which follows its own calendar structure, Drake University's academic year is comprised of a summer term, a 15-week (excluding final evaluations) fall semester, a three-week January term, and a 15-week (excluding final evaluations) spring semester.

Official Academic Calendar for 2014-2015:

Summer 2014

  • May 19 (Mon.)
    Summer term begins
  • May 26 (Mon.)
    Memorial Day (classes do not meet)
  • July 4 (Fri.)
    Independence Day (classes do not meet)
  • Aug. 24 (Sun.)
    Summer term ends

Fall 2014 (Non Law School)

  • Aug. 25 (Mon.)
    Fall term begins
  • Aug. 29 (Fri.)
    Last day to add a class
  • Sept. 1 (Mon.)
    Labor Day (classes do not meet)
  • Sept. 8 (Mon.)
    Last day to drop a class without a “W”
  • Sept. 20-21 (Sat.-Sun.)
    Parent/Family Weekend
  • Oct. 13-14 (Mon.-Tues.)
    Fall break
  • Oct. 15 (Wed.)
    Midpoint of semester
  • Oct. 24-25 (Fri.-Sat.)
    Homecoming Weekend
  • Nov. 25 (Tues.)
    Thanksgiving recess begins after evening classes
  • Dec. 1 (Mon.)
    Classes resume
  • Dec. 5 (Fri.)
    Day free for study
  • Dec. 8-12 (Mon.-Fri.)
    Final evaluation period
  • Dec. 12 (Fri.)
    Fall term ends
  • Dec. 13 (Sat.)

J-Term 2015

  • Jan. 5 (Mon.)
    Beginning of J-term
  • Jan. 19 (Mon.)
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (classes do not meet)
  • Jan. 23 (Fri.)
    End of J-term

Spring 2015 (Non Law School)

  • Jan. 26 (Mon.)
    Spring term begins
  • Jan. 30 (Fri.)
    Last day to add a class
  • Feb. 6 (Fri.)
    Last day to drop a class without a “W”
  • Mar. 13 (Fri.)
    Midpoint of semester
  • Mar. 16-20 (Mon.-Fri.)
    Spring break
  • Apr. 23-25 (Thurs. - Sat.)
    Drake Relays
  • Apr. 24 (Fri.)
    Classes dismissed at 1:50pm
  • May 8 (Fri.)
    Day free for study
  • May 11-15 (Mon.-Fri.)
    Final evaluation period
  • May 15 (Fri.)
    Spring term ends
  • May 16 (Sat.)

Dates for the Drake Law School are maintained by the Law School.

University News
March 28, 2017
The Judith A. Lindquist Scholarship for Women MBAs covers up to half the cost of tuition for current and incoming Drake M.B.A. students who are unable to participate in a tuition reimbursement program through their employer.