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Program Overview

The economics program offers the opportunity to study prices, markets, and incentives (microeconomics) and economic growth and business cycles (macroeconomics).

The economics major provides preparation both for students planning to enter the world of work directly after Drake and for students planning to attend professional or graduate school. The B.S.B.A program prepares students well for the job market.  Both the B.A. and the B.S.B.A. programs prepare students well for professional study in law, business, or public administration because economics is an important analytical tool used in these professions.  Students interested in graduate study in economics or a closely-related field (finance, public policy, international relations) will need more math and statistics than the regular economics major provides and should consider the quantitative economics major.

Requirements for Major

The economics major requires 30 credits of economics, 3 credits of mathematics, and 6 credits of statistics.

All candidates for an economics major must complete the following courses:

  • MATH 028 (Business Calculus), OR MATH 050 (Calculus I)
  • STAT 071 (Statistics I)
  • STAT 72 (Statistics II)
  • ECON 002 (Principles of Microeconomics)
  • ECON 010 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
  • ECON 173 (Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis)
  • ECON 174 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis)
  • ECON 190 (Seminar in Economics)
  • Four additional economics courses numbered 100 or above

All candidates must also satisfy the requirements of the Drake Curriculum.

Additional Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) Degree

In addition to the requirements above, B.S.B.A candidates must complete the required business core curriculum, including BUS 195 as the Capstone.

Economics Minor

The economics minor requires 18 credits of economics and 3 credits of mathematics.

Candidates for the minor in economics must complete the following courses:

  • MATH 028 (Business Calculus), OR MATH 050 (Calculus I)
  • ECON 002 (Principles of Microeconomics)
  • ECON 010 (Principles of Macroeconomics)
  • ECON 173 (Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis), OR ECON 174 (Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis)
  • Three additional economics courses numbered 100 or above

It is recommended that candidates for the minor complete both ECON 173 and ECON 174.  The second course counts toward the three additional 100-level courses.

Economics Joint Major

A joint major in Economics and a business subject is available to students in the College of Business and Public Administration.  The requirements for the joint major are the same as the regular Economics major except that only two additional courses numbered 100 or above are required.

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