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Magazine Media

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Magazine Media

Degree Options

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (B.A.J.M.C.) with a major in Magazine Media

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The magazine major prepares students to be magazine writers, editors and creative directors for print and online publications. As part of their coursework, students:

  • Write magazine articles for consumer, trade and organization magazines.
  • Work as staff members for the nationally award-winning Think magazine, Urban Plains digital magazine, and other titles and websites published through the E.T. Meredith Center for Magazine Studies.
  • Produce a business plan and design for a magazine prototype of their own.

Unique to Drake: Drake is one of the few private, liberal arts colleges to provide a full four-year sequence for magazines. Many magazine media majors also work outside of classes on the nationally award-winning Drake Magazine.

The Magazine Media major enrolls about 75 students. Class sizes average 18 students.

Accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Drake is among 115 accredited programs worldwide. To earn accreditation, schools meet 9 standards, which address such issues as class size, diversity, student services and curriculum. Accreditation reviews occur every 6 years. Drake's program has been continuously accredited, most recently in 2011.

Degree Requirements

  • Meet all requirements of the Drake Curriculum
  • Complete a minimum of 124 total credit hours
  • Complete 80 credit hours outside of the SJMC course list; 48 of those hours must be Arts and Science credits
  • 40 upper level credits
  • Declare an Area of Concentration with SJMC adviser
  • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average during the first 30 hours
  • Maintain a 2.25 grade point average at Drake after the 30th hour

Students should work with their advisers to ensure selection of courses best-suited to their educational and career objectives.  Please see Graduation Requirements and Regulations sections of the catalog for additional information.

Magazine Major

39 SJMC credits with 5 SJMC elective hours (optional) are required to complete the magazine media major.

Required course list and the suggested progression of classes:


Credit Hours

First-Sophomore Years

JMC 030 - Mass Media in a Global Society


JMC 031 - Multimedia Lab


JMC 040 - Pre-professional Workshop


JMC 041 - Financial Fundamentals for the Communication Professionals


JMC 054 - Reporting and Writing Principles


JMC 055 - Digital Strategies


JMC 059 - Intro to Visual Communication


JMC 063 - Video for Journalists


POLS 001 - American Political Systems


SCSS xxx - (one three-credit course in Sociology)


Junior-Senior Years

JMC 070 - Print Media Editing


JMC 091 - Magazine Staff Writing


JMC 104 - Communications Law and Ethics


JMC 105 - Web Page Design


JMC 119 - Magazine Publishing


JMC 120 - Feature Writing


JMC 172 - Journalism Media Capstone


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