Primate Studies

Description of Concentration

Students electing to pursue a concentration in primate studies will:

  • Develop an awareness and depth of understanding for primate evolutionary history, behavior and conservation.
  • Engage in a significant experiential learning experience involving research on primatology in Des Moines or abroad.
  • Pursue breadth outside of specific primatology courses so that students can gain an appreciation for how the science of primatology fits in with larger scientific or cultural issues. Students will attain significant professional preparation for a graduate program in primatology.

Requirements for Concentration

Required Core Classes (12 credits)

  • BIO 98 (Introduction to Primatology) 3 credits
  • PSY 129 (Primate Cognition and Learning) 3 credits
  • ENSP 127 (Primate Conservation) 3 credits
  • BIO 197/ENS P197/PSY 192 (Primatology Practicum/Capstone) 3 credits

Electives (must take at least 2)

  • SCSA 02 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology)
  • SCSG 134 (Africa)
  • SCSG 176 (South Asia)
  • BIO 104 (Evolution)
  • BIO 105 (Genetics)
  • BIO 114, 114L
  • BIO 117 (Ecology)
  • BIO 129, 129L (Mammalian Physiology)
  • ENSP 50 (Tropical Ecology)
  • ENSP 135 (Global Change)
  • PSY 026 (Human Evolutionary Psychology)
  • PSY 122 (Sensation and Perception)
  • PSY 123 (Biological Basis of Behavior)
  • PSY 128 (Behavior of Endocrinology)
  • ENSP/BIO/PSY -- Special Topics in Primatology
  • Advisor-approved electives
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March 19, 2018
A new exhibition in Cowles Library examines the life and work of Jay N. “Ding” Darling, two-time Pulitzer-prize winning political cartoonist and environmental conservationist.