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Piano Pedagogy

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Piano Pedagogy

Description of Minor

This program is intended to be a supplemental area of study for the piano performance major interested in acquiring basic training in piano pedagogy. This is an attractive and viable supplement for pianists who may not wish to pursue careers as professional performers, but would like to learn more about the art of teaching.

Requirements for Minor

Required Courses

Credit Hours

MUS 113 - Piano Studio Teaching Techniques and Materials


MUS 117 - Literature for Teaching Piano


MUS 135 - Studio Teaching of Piano


EDUC 103 - Foundations in Education


EDUC 105 / EDUC 106 - Human Development





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Admission Calendar

April 11 - Admitted Student Day

April 14 - Sophomore and Junior Preview Day

April 21 - Sophomore and Junior Preview Day

May 1 - Enrollment deadline for first-year students

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