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Music University 2014

The Des Moines Music Coalition presents Music University, a music industry conference on October 4-5, 2014 at Drake University (Harmon Fine Arts Center and Meredith Hall, 2507 University Ave., Des Moines), featuring panels, forums, workshops, and presentations by music industry experts.

Music University provides musicians and industry professionals with resources to grow their careers, while creating an environment to make connections and network with individuals from across the country.


  • Standard Pass: $35
  • Musicians & Students: $20
  • Day of: $40
  • Drake Students: Free
  • Lunch: $10 (optional)
  • Music Showcase with Bob Mould: $10 w/ advance conference registration (optional)



  • Matisyahu: Musician, Talk + Unplugged Mini Set
  • Bob Mould: Musician, Songwriting Workshop, Performing at Showcase
  • Dum Dum Girls: Musicians Workshop and Panel + Acoustic Duo Set
  • Adam Hill: Ardent Studios, Recording
  • Alyssa DeHayes: Riot Act Media (formerly of Team Clermont), Publicity
  • Joe Vent: A to Z Media, Distribution
  • Craig Grossman: Green Room Music Source, Management & Booking
  • David Priebe: Green Room Music Source, Marketing & Event Production
  • Brandon Darner: Musician, Producer, Recording
  • Brian Campos: PantsOff Podcast, Podcasting
  • Chad Taylor: Cityview, Band Bombshell, Radio
  • Amedeo Rossi: Entrepreneur, Vaudeville Mews, 80/35, Production
  • Joe Lawler: Juice, Des Moines Register
  • Veronica O’Hern: Iowa Arts Council, Funding
  • Mary McAdams: Musician, Funding
  • Jill Haverkamp – On Pitch, Marketing
  • Sam Summers: First Fleet Concerts, Show Production
  • Nate Cook: Producer, Music in Film
  • Chance Solem-Pfeifer: Hear Nebraska
  • Jacob Zlomke: Hear Nebraska, Supporting Musicians
  • Iowa Public Radio Studio One: Radio
  • + Many more speakers to be announced.


Check out the Des Moines Music Coalition's website for more information and to register! Advance registration is recommended. Details on where to pick up your passes and check-in the day of the conference, will be coming soon.


March 17, 2015
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