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Lorentzen Student Hatchery

Start a business. Get paid.

The Lorentzen Student Hatchery is a unique program aimed at fostering student startups. Entrepreneurship Centers staff provide guidance and support, access to mentors and experts, and more to Drake University students accepted to the Hatchery. Students of any major, undergraduate and graduate, are welcome to apply to the Hatchery for the opportunity to get paid while working on their own startup. Teams can earn up to $10,000. The application period for the summer 2018 cohort is now closed. Students applying to the Hatchery are required to take Entrepreneurship 101, attend the Startup Boot Camp, OR display equivalent knowledge.

Even if you are not chosen to receive a summer grant, Drake University students are welcome to participate in Hatchery coaching and mentoring sessions. Please email for more information.


Meet the Summer 2018 Lorentzen Student Hatchery Cohort

  • Debonair: Noah Brinkmeyer
  • Eximious: Matt Watson
  • Mox Sports Stats: Jacob Mox
  • Native Adventures: Steven Leash
  • THR: McKenna Haase
  • Up Next Des Moines: Zachary Kraweic

Summer 2017 Lorentzen Student Hatchery Cohort

Summer 2016 Lorentzen Student Hatchery Cohort

Summer 2015 Lorentzen Student Hatchery Participants

  • Glimpse: Ethan Turner & Johnathan Osifuye-White
  • Kelsi Ziemann Artistry: Kelsi Ziemann
  • Settled In: Alexi de Lathouder & Brayton Deprey
  • Snippster: Kai Asberry
  • Dates for Two: Garrett Carty, Chris Fairbank, Sam Lowry  & Braeden Stanley
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Lorentzen Hatchery in the News

About the Hatchery

John Lorentzen (Drake B.A. and B.S.B.A in Political Science, Economics, and Management, 1977) founded the Hatchery with the intent to help Drake University students get a head start on creating their own business through a generous donation to the program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Entrepreneurship Center in Aliber Hall or email us.

May 1, 2018
The College of Business and Public Administration held its annual awards ceremony to recognize the outstanding achievements of students, faculty, and community members.