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Current Student Resources

Graduate Student Schedule of Classes and Registration

Please view the Registration Timetable on BlueView to determine when you will be eligible to begin enrolling in the upcoming term. Once registration is open, it will stay open until the first day of the semester.

In the table below, you may access the schedule of classes for the upcoming term(s), the program sheet showing the courses for your degree program, and a progress form you can use to keep track of the completion of courses toward your degree.  These may be used by students in combination with their unofficial transcript, accessible via the MyDUSIS system, to confirm program requirements and plan courses in order to meet their graduation goals.  The forms are available in a printable pdf version, by selecting from the following:

 Schedule of Classes Supporting Materials 
MACC MACC Summer Schedule 2013 MACC Fall Schedule 2013  MACC Program Sheet MACC Progress Form 
MBA MBA Summer Schedule 2013 MBA Fall Schedule 2013 MBA Program Sheet
MFM MFM Summer Schedule 2013 MFM Fall Schedule 2013 MFM Program Sheet MFM Progress Form
MPA MPA Summer Schedule 2013 MPA Fall Schedule 2013 MPA Program Sheet MPA Progress Form

Credit Limits - As part of the Graduate Programs goal to provide students with the best opportunity for success, the following credit limits are in place for graduate students.

  • Fully employed part-time students may enroll for 6 semester hours in both the fall and spring semesters and 3 semester hours in each summer term.
  • Full-time students may enroll for 9 semester hours in both the fall and spring semesters and 3 semester hours each summer term.

Exceptions to these credit limits must be approved by the Director of Graduate Programs.

If students have questions or would like to discuss registration, coursework, or any other enrollment matters, please contact the Graduate Programs office at (515) 271-2188. One of our program administrators will be happy to assist you or to set up an individual academic advising appointment.

New Student Referral Program

Our students and alumni are a great resource for sharing information about our graduate degrees with friends, colleagues and family.  Through our New Student Referral Incentive Program, we will award a Drake CBPA graduate student or alumnus with a $25 Drake Bookstore gift certificate for referring a candidate who actively engages in coursework. See the information sheet for additional details to complete the referral process.

CBPA Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures

A violation of academic integrity involves any activity that seeks to gain credit for work one has not done or to deliberately damage or destroy the work of others. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Plagiarism—the misrepresentation, either by intent or negligence, of another’s ideas. phrases, discourse, or works as one’s own.
  • Cheating—the act, or attempted act, of giving or obtaining aid and/or information by illicit means in meeting academic requirements, including examinations.
  • Fabrication—intentional and unauthorized falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic sense in any academic exercise.

The following linked document contains the full CBPA Academic Integrity Policy statement, guidelines, and remediation procedures.

CBPA Academic Integrity Policy 2013

May 1, 2018
The College of Business and Public Administration held its annual awards ceremony to recognize the outstanding achievements of students, faculty, and community members.