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Volleyball Coaching 401 (EDEX 179)

This course will not be offered after the Summer 2014 term.  Click here for more details.

Course Overview

3 Semester Hours of Credit

Volleyball Coaching 401 is designed to assist coaches in developing successful volleyball programs. Course materials will guide coaches in exploring the approaches of several of the nation's top volleyball coaches. Students will explore the building blocks of philosophy, planning, motivation, teambuilding and evaluation. They will also survey the the strategies successful coaches employ in teaching the skills and tactics of the game. Students will complete readings and view video presentations from these experts in the field and apply what they've learned to their own programs.

Video Segments Include:

  • Philosophy of Coaching
  • Planning for Season, Practice, Matches
  • Evaluation
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Systems for Team Offense
  • Foundations for Success
  • Agility and Core Strength Training
  • Serving Progression
  • Drills for Transition
  • Team Unity and Leadership
  • Goal Setting
  • Drills for Blocking


Tom Keating, Principal, Xavier High School
Former Volleyball Coach and Athletic Director, Wahlert High School
NHSACA National Coach of the Year 2004,
National Coach of the Year 2003, NFHS National Coaches Hall of Fame 2003

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